I learned of Laura Zigman's excellent novel Small World through K.J. Dell'Antonia's blog  a couple of months ago.  

It is a beautiful, understated, and profound book about the human psyche, and other things beyond our meager ability to comprehend. On the surface it is about two sisters coming back into each other's orbits in late middle age.  But that's just the cover story. It's also about the loss of loved ones, the misapprehension of events in our lives, the way we create a false narrative of our lives, even though we may really believe it some of the time. 

I believe that as writers one of the best things we can do for each other is to give a great book a shout out when we find ourselves moved by it. 

It doesn't cost a penny to say good things about a writer's labor of love.

So, here's to Laura Zigman for giving us a great gift, and here's to K. J. for taking the time to put in a good word.  

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