Books by Stephen Woodfin

Book 1 of the Revelation Trilogy

One man set on justice against a world gone mad. Can he survive?
A Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book Award FINALIST - THRILLER.
"Last One Chosen is a brilliantly written thriller about one man's call to do what is right." ~ The Kindle Book Review

Next Best Hope

Book 2 of the Revelation Trilogy

A national coalition known as the Christian Militants attempts to overthrow the United States government and all hell breaks loose.

As the rebellion threatens to divide the nation, two unlikely leaders arise in the opposing camps.

Will they save the Union, usher in the Kingdom of God, or plunge the United States into all-out civil war?

Book 3 of the Revelation Trilogy

Christian zealots resort to acts of terrorism as they seek to destabilize the United States government in this fast-paced legal thriller by Stephen Woodfin.

The body count grows as faith and politics collide.

THE REVELATION EFFECT is the final installment in Woodfin's trilogy which began with LAST ONE CHOSEN and continued with NEXT BEST HOPE.

The Warrior with Alzheimer's, 

(A Shot Glass Reynolds Book Book 1)

Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of the Year.

“A fine thriller, with a bittersweet love story that lingers long after the last page.” --- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Sufficient Certainty, a legal thriller

Sufficient Certainty is a cautionary tale about the rush to judgment, an indictment of a system that turns a blind eye to sexual harassment and racism, and a reminder that justice, even if it is delayed, is the lifeblood of democracy.

Biased Justice

To Kill a Mockingbird meets White Fragility in this fast-paced legal thriller set in a small East Texas town.