An Experienced Indie Author

This is not going to be one of those woe is me blogs. You know, the kind where a person bemoans that his name doesn't appear next to Stephen King's on Google or Amazon searches.

I mean it would be nice for that to happen every now and then.

But anybody who has worked in the indie vineyards a few years or so realizes the thing is that if you don't write because you must, then you aren't cut out for the gig. Just think of an indie author as a street preacher, the crazy person on the corner telling what he has to tell to the wind, and perhaps occasionally to a passerby or a curiosity seeker. 

And who knows? Maybe he'll build a following.  Maybe one of the curiosity seekers will bring his buddy with him.  "You won't believe this guy on the corner.  He's there every day, rain or shine, reciting ecstatic words into the sky."

And the guy keeps at it whether anyone listens or not.

My hat's off to him.

I hope he goes viral on Flip/Flop or whatever social media thang is next.

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